Business card website

$ 500

+ 6% sales tax

The business card website is a highly optimized single page static website, featuring a theme of your preference. During check-out, you can choose one of the many beautiful themes that best suits your company or brand. You deliver the content and Bon IT creates your custom website.

Launch your website

in 8 easy steps

Place your order
Receive instruction manual
Access Google Drive folder
Replace demo content with your own
Receive the first draft of your website
Make final changes
Configure your domain
Your website is online!

Product details

Theme: Select your favorite Bon IT theme during checkout
Sections: Header, about, contact, footer and many more
Navigation: Scroll through sections using the responsive menu
Free hosting: Hosted for free on Cloudflare Pages
Security: Free SSL certificate (https)
Contact form: Receive messages in your mailbox from visitors
SEO: Optimized meta tags

Multiple languages and content management are not included. If you require these features, please consider a corporate website. You can also upgrade from business card to corporate at any later time. You should purchase your domain name separately. More information is provided in the instruction manual. Technical support is not included, but Bon IT is happy to assist you with a full range of web development services, provided at an additional charge.

Economical: No hidden or recurring costs (besides domain registration)
Unhackable: Hacking a static website is impossible
Extremely fast: Like opening a file on your own computer
Responsive: A beautiful and user-friendly website on any screen size
Easy: Launch your website in 8 simple steps

The files and data of your website will be stored securely on Gitlab.

Your website is built on top of Hugo.

Your website will be hosted on Cloudflare Pages. On this platform, the maximum size per file is 25 MiB and the maximum number of files for your website is limited to 20,000.

When you purchase this product you will receive

  • a detailed instruction manual (pdf)
  • a Google Drive folder with demo content for all demos available for the theme you select
  • a draft version of your website based on the content you deliver
  • a final version of your website based on the final version of the content you deliver

You are required to register your own website domain and you should be able to change nameserver records to point to Cloudflare.

This product does not include technical support beyond the detailed instructions provided in the instruction manual.

Free hosting will be re-evaluated after three years. If cost of operation increases, it may be needed to charge a fee for hosting going forward.

The detailed instruction manual contains all the information you need to complete actions on your end that are required to create your website. In case you need extra support or services related to creating your website, Bon IT will gladly assist you, but any service beyond basic support will result in extra charges. These services include, and are not limited to:

  • Copywriting
  • Translation
  • SEO writing
  • Graphic design
  • Identity
  • Photography
  • UI design
  • Forms
  • Integrations
  • Domain
  • Email
  • Performance
Receive payments or reservations

Bon IT’s business card websites integrate with third party checkout systems, booking systems and appointment scheduling systems. It is the easiest way to boost your revenue via your website. Request a quote for your specific requirements.


Check out the demos

Every Bon IT theme contains one or more demo websites. You will receive all available demos for the theme you select during checkout. Bon IT will customize one of the demo websites with the content you provide.

Designer (Freelancer)
Bon IT Designer business card demo website
Digital agency (Agency)
Coming soon
Handyman (Service)
Bon IT Handyman business card demo website
Nail salon (Beauty)
Coming soon

Web development services

Bon IT offers a complete single page business card website at a competitive price by empowering you to do most of the work with the aid of a comprehensive instruction manual. In case you are still running into difficulties, just want to delegate the remaining work, or wish to create something really special, Bon IT is happy to help you with all your web development needs. We offer a full range of writing, design, customization and technical services.


Optimize your communication for your target audience with structured copy, compelling language and attention grabbing headlines.


Translations for your multi-language website into different languages by native speakers, automation tools, or artificial intelligence.

SEO writing

Improve the ranking of your pages in search engine rankings by tailoring your meta tags and page content to the interests of your audience.

Graphic design

Make your website stand out from the crowd with custom graphics, lettering, icon sets, images, video and more.


Create or refresh your corporate identity, from your brand name, to your brand icon, logo, colors, fonts and tone of voice.


Plan a professional photoshoot for your team, create a video impression of your services or a drone video of your activities.

UI design

From custom layouts to parallax effects, web3, browser games, virtual reality and augmented reality. The sky is the limit.


Bon IT can connect your forms to any back-end service and help you implement custom validation rules, wizards and even chat bots.


Boost your revenue by connecting your business card website to a third party checkout, booking or reservation system.


Bon IT can help you buy a domain name, manage your DNS settings and migrate an existing domain to another registrar.


Bon IT can manage email addresses for your domain on your favorite platform and connect all your devices to your mailbox.


Optimize your images and videos for the web with Bon IT's asset optimization services to speed up your website.

Example projects

for real clients