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Jesse van Muijden

Co-owner @ Bon IT

Bon IT developed a WordPress website for Villa Leoni. The goal of the website was to take the online presence of this luxury holiday apartment to a level beyond their listing on booking platforms and improve its discoverability. create an online presence for the company. The website integrates booking calendars from multiple platforms and features a blog to boost the websites ranking in search engines for relevant search terms. The technologies used in this project are PHP, Elementor and CSS. The website is hosted on AWS Lightsail.

The header of Villa Leoni’s homepage features the best photo of the property to maximize conversion of visitors via the header’s call-to-action buttons. header


The WordPress theme that was carefully selected for this website contains a wide range of functionalities related to hotel bookings. The calendar widget integrates the website’s booking calendar with the booking calendars from external booking calendars. This ensures the presentation of up-to-date availability to visitors interested in booking a stay for their period of choice. calendar


The Villa Leoni website has a blog with different categories. It is used to inform guests about everything there is to do in the surrounding area of the villa, so they can get the most out of their stay. The articles also promote the search engine ranking of the website by providing rich, relevant and localized information related to a holiday in Curaçao. Frequently publishing articles on the blog has proven to drive an ever increasing amount of traffic to the website. blog


Villa Leoni is currently only accepting bookings from external platforms. However, the installed theme has full-fledged booking capabilities, like online payments, coupons, taxes, multiple accommodations with (seasonal) rates, customer details, invoicing and much more. admin