The story of Bon IT

Bon IT is a digital agency from Curaçao, founded in 2022 by Jesse and Olga van Muijden. They immigrated from The Netherlands earlier that year. When they moved into their new home in Brakkeput, they needed a wide variety of services to improve and renovate their home, and many different products to furnish and decorate it. In contrast to The Netherlands, products and services in Curaçao appeared to be difficult to find by just performing a quick Google Search. Outdated online inventories, disconnected phone numbers on websites, businesses only having a hard to find Facebook page, and getting referred to a Whatsapp number by a friend or members of a Facebook group, became their new reality in Curaçao.

Curaçao is home to many excellent and ambitious entrepreneurs, but they are missing out on opportunities, because of lacking or absent online presence. With Bon IT, Jesse and Olga embarked on a mission to create modern, affordable websites for Caribbean businesses. A solid online presence enables more people to discover your company, which, in turn, increases your revenue. Just imagine the compounding effect on the island's economy if all entrepreneurs would have a great website! Bon IT's goal is to create and improve the online presence of the majority of Caribbean entrepreneurs in the next few years, with the help of various digital experts from its vast international network.


Improving the online presence of Caribbean businesses.


Creating affordable, modern, beautiful websites at scale.


Boosting Caribbean economies with a cyberspace revolution.


Always keep striving


Bon IT takes pride in achieving the best results at the lowest possible price.


Bon IT's Caribbean cyberspace revolution will boost the economy of entire nations.


Bon IT creates value by combining the latest and greatest open-source technologies.


Bon IT is crystal clear about what you can expect. No fine print.


Bon IT takes your perspective, addresses your personal needs and shares knowledge.


Bon IT always strives to be the best and exceed your expectations.


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